Finally...They're here!


After more than two years of development and handful of false starts, we're very pleased to announce that our much anticipated sauces are here! Available online now are our Original Satay Sauce, our Gluten Free Kecap Manis and our Chilli Sauce. We'll be updating our stockist list as soon as we can so check back regularly for the latest retailers.

We're absolutely ecstatic with how all three sauces have turned out. We're confident you won't find a satay sauce as rich, thick and packed full of peanuts like ours anywhere - we think our grandmother would've been proud with what we've been able to produce!

As for our Kecap Manis, good luck finding another kecap manis that is gluten free AND has the taste and viscosity (that's food-talk for thickness) of real Indonesian kecap manis like ours does!

Our Chilli Sauce has a delicious controlled heat to it. It won't blow your head off (perhaps that's to come in our next range), so you can spice up any meal, be it Asian or other - give it a go on a bit avocado on toast!

We can't wait to get these on local shelves and get your feedback. We hope you'll be as happy with them as we are!