Reviewed by The Bali Bible

With over 400,000 Instagram followers worldwide, The Bali Bible is Bali's largest and most popular online tourist network, They recently got their hands on our sauces and they liked what they found! Here's an excerpt from their fantastic article:

"We don't usually do product endorsements but when we ventured back to Melbourne for the wet season we immediately missed the authentic flavours which Bali has become famous for.

Possibly one of the most exciting things that happened to us on our return to Melbourne was the arrival of a new brand, Eighteen Thousand Islands... a new venture by two young blokes from Melbourne with half Indonesian heritage that wanted to bring the authenticity of Bali (and Indonesia) to the streets of their hometown, Melbourne.

Being extremely passionate about Bali, we love and adore everything about this island and when we came across the flavours these two were able to create, we simply had to share it with our audience..."

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